Daily Archives: Monday, February 5, 2007

Today is better than yesterday- but still a blah day!

Yesterday was a bad day all around. I was a mess emotionally and I felt like crap all day long. I attempted to waste some time in my favorite political chat yesterday in hopes that a few of my favorite people would humor me enough that I’d feel a little better. Overall though it didn’t help one bit I did however get a few good laughs in. (Thanks to seeker losing his chat screen- oh never mind you people have no clue what I am talking about!)

My appetite sucked yesterday and I felt so drained I thought a few times I was going to pass out. I made some coffee in hopes that would give me a little more energy. It didn’t help me at all in that area. It did however keep my hands warm holding the cup! Damn it was freezing here. Today is worse than yesterday. I am pissed my daughters school is not closed! What is wrong with these people in charge of that stuff?

My hair fell out bad yesterday. I counted 50 strands by afternoon and then I quit counting them. It was making me anxious so I said, “Fuck it, if I go bald today there is nothing I can do about it.” I have to add too that I only smoked two cigarettes yesterday!

The baby however is moving quite a bit. She is very active and that is good.

Anyway, I’ve said enough about yesterday. Onto today thus far…

Like I said earlier it is damn cold here. They are calling it artic freezing weather. I HATE WINTER! The news said you could be frostbitten in less than 10 minutes if any skin is exposed. Woah! My daughter has to go to school because they failed to cancel it and I am very upset about it! I would keep her home but she’s missed quite a bit of school already due to ear problems. It is terrible that I am her parent but I have to worry about being punished for making sound decisions for her safety and welfare.

The parent police would say, “Oh Mrs. Ordinary, your daughter has missed ex amount of days and is allowed to miss no more no matter what you say the reason. Pay the fine now.”

I know that is how they work because one of my brothers had a problem in that area. I’ll just call the people who dictate to parents how they have to live and parent, bastards.

My hands are like ice and will probably be that way all day long. I hate that! It will be the same with my feet. They ache like hell too. I am not as exhausted today as I was yesterday so that is a plus. However I am really becoming quite concerned with my hair! DAMN IT doctors if I keep waiting around for your over paid, rude, egotistical asses I will indeed go bald! (That doesn’t include all doctors. It goes to the ones that have made me realize they are not very good doctors. I know some doctors are great.)

My appetite doesn’t seem like it is going to be very good today. I haven’t had breakfast yet and feel no need to eat. I will eat though since I am carrying the baby. I force myself to eat a lot since becoming pregnant. I find it important to put these things in this web journal for future reference in the event of taking on the medical field of doctors. I didn’t think it was important before to keep track of every little detail of symptoms you might have. Boy have I changed my tune. I suggest everyone keep a journal on how you feel so that you will always have it if you ever need it. I mean I have symptoms that I would have never linked to the other symptoms but I have realized they are all linked. In order for me to get a proper diagnosis they have to know EVERYTHING that is going on and that has went on. So I will bore you, the online public, with dreaded details of how I feel like shit most of my days! Doesn’t that make you excited to visit this journal everyday? (Laughs) You people are really good at lying. (Winks)

I am off to eat now. If you’re lucky I might journal some more this evening!

But remember, big brother is watching.