Daily Archives: Thursday, February 1, 2007

My second opinion from neurologist today

I had my visit with Dr. D today. He is the neurologist I wanted a second opinion from. I am quite pleased with him. He gave me answers my other neurologist should have given me. A few things I wasn’t happy hearing but at least I got answers finally!

The tumor will not turn to cancer. It will grow and it probably has grown he said. A MRI should be scheduled for after I have the baby to see. He told me I was susceptible to having more tumors showing up throughout my body since I have this one already. He said that my hair loss is definitely NOT from this tumor, and that goes for many of my symptoms I have. He informed me that I would be looking at future surgery/surgeries. That sucks for me! He also suggested in a very strong way for me to take the epidural when I go into labor. He said my pain would be unbearable. I mentioned the heavy metals test that I had done that my other neurologist lost. Dr. D said that it is very unlikely that any exposure to metals would have created the tumor. I would have had other things going on if it was due to metal exposure polluted into my groundwater growing up. He said that he would not suggest that I take another test.

I really didn’t want to take the epidural. I wanted to do it natural like I did with my daughter but perhaps I better take his advice.

Yesterday was a rough day. I ran a fever in the evening. I slept most of the day too. The day before yesterday was not a good one either. I was very tired and had bad hand pain. The hair loss? Don’t even get me started on that. It is just a steady thing for me now to wake up to hair falling out.

Today is an OK day for me thus far. My hands do not hurt as much as they could be hurting. I am tired but able to deal with it.

I am going to waste time in political chat for a while and I might journal more later on.